I'm home!! instagram: @clavicl

I’m moving out of my apartment and it’s stressful! Someone bring me boxes

Ok so the green and grey pants I tried to turn black were like.. Slightly failures. I’m gonna redye them tomorrow evening with super concentrated dye and see if it works out better

So I was about to dump the dye water when I remembered these clothes I was throwing out today because they had stains and I was like OMG if I dye them black it’s like they never had stains #thrifty and #gothic

Ok the black pants that I redyed look AWESOME! but the grey and green pants that i am turning black came back with a little bit of splotchy-ness so I’m going to resoak them in the dye. I will post pics.

I love doiing crafty stuff :))))

Redyeing my black pants and changing some not black pants to black pants!!!

I’m so hot

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I look like a princess


I look like a princess

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sassy-gay-cas said: Hey, SassyGayCas on Game Centre, just sent you a dress for glamour shoots xo


6 SELFIES! the crying one is when i said goodbye to my host family from japan!

OMG thank you everyone that’s sending me gifts on kim k 😭 send me an ask and I’ll promo uuuu

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my game center ID is clav1d btw

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Anybody who’s good at the Kim kardashian game should give me presents

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