ask yourself this:

what does it mean to be a man? woman? shiba inu?
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Today I have never felt more scared to be around individuals

Cool I want one





this literally frightens me

she is so important

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Anonymous asked: omg what's the new Lana song

All I can imagine while reading this is some really over-the-top lana Del ray fan refreshing my blog over and over thinking “oh god what could it be what could it be!?!!!”

take my advice

There’s 1 part that kinda sounds like T.A.T.U.

I like that lana del rey is using synths

I’ve elected to unfollow people who tag other’s selfies with #ed

Ok the new lana song is ok by me


We’ll be in japan at the same time!!!!!!

omg where im going to osaka for two weeks then Machida,Tokyo for the rest of my time there 



Danny Devito in a crop top 💕

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